About Us
Name: "Jay"
His mother calls him: Joseph Cavallaro Jr.
Age: 33

Location: Worcester, MA
A little about Jay: I am passionate about the truth. I believe that is my purpose in life---to squelch lies and spread the truth like the cure (ya know, instead of the disease). I tell it like it is with no BS. I used to get myself in trouble as a kid for my big mouth but now I choose to use it for His glory. I am a practical Christian. I'm not over spiritual but I do believe in the supernatural and I got the proof in my life to back it up. God is my ultimate hero in life, but I do home earthly radio host influences such as Glenn Beck and Alex Jones. I enjoy Christian metal, play guitar, and sing. In my other life I was a rock star, but in this alternate universe, I'm here to serve God and Him alone. But maybe someday he can let me start a Christian power metal band. :-) GOD BLESS AND KEEP FIGHTING THE FIGHT. You know how to get in touch with me...